Town Council – Public Comments Procedure


In order to ensure that all persons wishing to address Council have the opportunity to do so and in a timely manner, Council respectfully requests that all attendees keep conversation with each other during the meeting to a minimum.  Those wishing to speak should:

1)      sign up on the signup sheet at the entrance to the room prior to the meeting

2)      indicate on the sheet which item that Council is considering at this meeting you wish to address. You will be called upon when that item is being discussed;

3)      when called upon please go to the podium, state your name and address and convey your comments within three (3) minutes.  Individuals may not yield their allotted 3 minutes to another person;

4)      all remarks shall be directed to the Mayor and Council, not to the public;

5)      the person representing a citizen group shall so identify himself and the name of the group or the number of persons he represents;

6)      persons with material to hand out should provide it to the recording clerk for distribution to the Council and staff.  Ten copies of each document are needed to ensure a sufficient number of handouts;

7)      speak only on policies, services and affairs of Town government;

8)      political campaigning is prohibited

9)      if speaking on an item or issue not on the published agenda, you will be called upon to speak under the public comment section;

10)    If you wish to make a comment on a speaker’s remarks, you should wait to be recognized by the Mayor, come to the podium, state your name and address and then  provide comments.


After Council has taken action on an item, at this, or a previous meeting, no additional comments will be taken on that item.

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