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Finance Department

Wendy Biggs, Finance Director
Phone:  540-863-2503
Fax:  540-863-2538

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 75
Clifton Forge, VA 24422

Located in Town Hall, 547 Main Street
Clifton Forge, VA 24422



The Finance Department provides support services to the citizens of Clifton Forge with a staff of three full-time employees.

The department’s primary focus is on the day-to-day financial and human resource functions of the Town government. The department processes a variety of tax bills, utility bills, vehicle decals, business license applications, animal tags and collects payment for these items.

The department also handles accounts payable and accounts receivable functions as well as all payroll and human resource functions.  Water and sewer billing changes, cut-offs/on and connections are also handled by the Department.


The Town of Clifton Forge requires that all dogs and cats be properly tagged. Animal tags expire on December 31st each year. The tags go on sale in the Finance Department starting on January 1st each year and are due by January 31st.  In order to obtain tags for dogs or cats, you must present a CURRENT RABIES CERTIFICATE for each animal which must indicate if the animal is neutered or spayed. Fees are $2.00 each for spayed or neutered animals and $10.00 each for unaltered animals per year.


If you operate a business within the corporate limits of the Town of Clifton Forge you are required to obtain a business license each year from the Finance Department by March 1st. If you have a question about your license requirements and costs, the Finance Department will be glad to provide assistance.



Town of Clifton Forge Personal Property Tax Rate: $3.35 per each $100.00 of assessed value.   Personal Property Taxes are also levied by Alleghany County.   Assessments are made each year by Alleghany County based upon the vehicle owned on January 1st.

Personal Property Tax is due December 5th.

Assessment Information: Call the Alleghany County Commissioner of Revenue’s office at 540-863-6640.

Payment Information: Call the Finance Department at 540-863-2505.

No decals can be purchased until all personal property taxes are paid.
If a vehicle is traded during the year, a portion of the old decal should be removed from the windshield and returned to the Clifton Forge Finance Department.   A transfer decal can then be purchased at a rate of $1.00.


Assessments are performed every six years during the general reassessment by Alleghany County. The purpose of the general reassessment is to bring assessed values in line with fair market value.  The last general reassessment in Alleghany County was effective in 2007.  In between general reassessments, the Alleghany County Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for assessing any new construction from building permits each year.

Assessment Information: Call the Alleghany County Commissioner of Revenue’s office at 540-863-6640.

Payment Information: Call the Town’s Finance Department at 540-863-2505.

The Town of Clifton Forge Real Estate Tax rate is $0.21 per $100 dollars of assessed value due and payable during the year in two approximately equal installments, the first half is due on or before December 5th and the other half is due on or before June 5th of such year.  Real Estate Taxes are also payable to Alleghany County.  The Town cannot collect taxes for Alleghany County.

Any person who fails to pay a tax or installment shall, in addition to the tax to be paid, be assessed a penalty of 10% of the past due tax on the real estate.

All real estate tax tickets are mailed to the mortgage company of record at the date of bill processing, unless otherwise indicated (the property owner is responsible for bill).

Exemptions for Elderly or Disabled:

The Finance Department, upon application made and within the limits hereinafter provided, grants an exemption of the tax on real property occupied as the sole dwelling house of a person holding title or partial title thereto and being no less than 65 years of age or determined to be totally and permanently disabled. For more information, please contact the Finance Department at 540- 863-2505.  Tax relief applications are due each year by July 1st.


  • Charges for Water and Sewer Service

The Utilities Department depends solely on revenues from system users and new connections. Rates are established by Town Council. No tax dollars are used to operate the utilities portion of this department. Customers are billing monthly. The Town began consumption based billing July 1, 2011. A bill based upon a 5/8 meter and 5,000 gallons per month is $109 for water and sewer.

  • Opening and Closing Accounts for Water and Sewer Service

If you are moving and wish to open or close an account, call 540-863-2505. Water can usually be turned on or off within two working days. For new accounts there is $200 refundable deposit and a $25.00 fee to open an account and have water turned on. On the day your water is scheduled to be turned on, make sure all faucets and spigots are off.Service cannot be turned on at the meter if water appears to be running on the property.Service cannot be turned on after 3:30 pm. Deposits will be held until the account is closed or until a customer has accumulated eighteen months of on time payments, the deposit will then be refunded without interest.

  • Bill Payments for Water and Sewer Service

Residential and commercial utility accounts are read and billed monthly and are due on the last day of the month. Bills may be paid by mail or in person at the Finance Department.There is also a drop box located in front of Town Hall. Normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Past Due Water and Sewer Service Bills

Bills are considered delinquent if payment is not received on the due date. A delinquent notice is mailed and a penalty of 10% is assessed if the balance is not paid in as specified on the delinquent notice, water service is disconnected. To restore service, a deposit of $200 must be paid in addition to the water bill amount, penalties and any reconnection fees. Water service will not be restored on the day of disconnection.


If you are a new resident of the Town of Clifton Forge, or have recently purchased a new vehicle, you must purchase a decal within 30 days in conformity to the local ordinance.



January 31st. Animal Tags are due.
March 1st Business licenses are due
June 5th Second – half real estate taxes due
July 1st Tax Relief for Elderly or Disabled
December 5th First-half real estate taxes due and Personal Property Taxes Due
20th day of each month Food and Beverage Tax


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