Contact Information:

Chris Keyser, Director

Amanda Gunter, Assistant Director

Lelia Tabor, Administration/Office Manager

Phone: 540-863-2517

Fax:  540-863-2541

Email:  Send a Message

Our Mission Statement

The Clifton Forge Public Works Department is committed to providing quality services to all town departments, our citizens, businesses, and visitors in a reliable, efficient, and professional manner.  Public Works promotes a safe, positive, and productive work environment for all employees and striving to maintain the infrastructure by developing efficient, innovative, and sustainable work practices. Public Works ensures excellence in public service by continuous professional development and pursuing these goals.

Our Vision

To be a recognized Public Works leader by providing quality services, innovative solutions, sustainable infrastructure and continued professional development of our staff.

We are Public Works!

The Department of Public Works manages the following divisions:

  1. Administration
    • Safety
    • Personnel
    • Programs
    • Projects
    • Professional Development & Training
    • Public Relations
    • Planning/Reporting
    • Budget
  2. General Services
    • Fleet Maintenance
      • Standard vehicles and small equipment preventative maintenance, repair, diagnostics and fabrication
      • Police vehicle maintenance, repair, diagnostics and fabrication
      • Heavy Equipment & Dump-truck preventative maintenance, repair, diagnostics and fabrication
    • Facility Maintenance
      • HVAC maintenance
      • Electrical and Plumbing maintenance
      • Generator maintenance
      • Small renovations and repairs
      • Vendor contract management (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, large renovations)
        • Maintenance agreements
      • Warehouse/Stock
        • Purchasing
        • Inventory management
      • Surplus program
        • GOV-Deals administrator
  1. Streets (25 lane miles of roadways)
    • Snow plowing, snow removal, salting, sanding
    • Pothole patching, and utility cut repairs
    • Street sweeping
    • Street Signs, Signals and Striping
    • Road culverts – to include repairing and replacing
    • Storm water maintenance
    • Small bridges and large drainage structures
    • Sidewalk maintenance and minor installations
    • Curbside bulk item pickup
      • Residential services
      • Every Tuesday
  1. R-O-W Maintenance
    • Mowing
    • Landscaping
    • Sight restrictions (trees and shrubbery)
      • Hanging flower baskets
      • Flower beds
      • Planters
      • Welcome Signs
    • Cemetery Mowing contract management
    • Recreation
      • Sporting event field prep
      • Sport field mowing
      • Game coordination/logistics
    • Curbside Brush pick-up
      • Residential service
      • Every Thursday
    1. Cemetery:
      • Provide year-round burials for 3 municipal cemeteries
      • Mowing via contract services
    2. Water Treatment Plant (Click here for more information)


  1. Water Distribution Maintenance
    • 35 miles of water distribution mains (leak repairs/replace)
      • Water loss (Audit, Intervention & Evaluation)
    • 200 Fire Hydrants
      • Repair & replacement
    • 1700+ water meters
      • Repair, replace, and calibration
      • Monthly water meter readings
  1. Sewer maintenance
    • 25 miles of sewer lines
    • 705 manholes
    • 3 sewer pump stations
    • Stoppages (Jetting, root and grease control)
    • Pump Station Vendor contract management
  2. 811 Virginia
    • Utility locating
    • Positive Response System
    • Utility Contractor liaison
  3. Storm Water Maintenance
    • Catch basins
    • Drainage ditches
  4. Water and Wastewater Treatment
    • The Town operates the Water Treatment Plant through a separate department
    • The maintenance of Wastewater pump stations is accomplished by a contract through Alleghany County
    • The Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant is owned and operated by Alleghany County
  5. Solid Waste
    • Household waste is collected by Alleghany County Public Works
      • Please contact Alleghany Public Works Refuse at 540-863-6650.

The Department of Public Works business office staff includes:

  1. Director of Public Works
  2. Public Works Superintendent
  3. Administration/Office Manager
  4. General Service Supervisor
  5. Water/Wastewater Supervisor
  6. Streets Supervisor
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