2018 Clifton Forge Town Council Goals


  1. Continue and improve communications with Town residents through talking, listening, press releases, and Council corner articles.


  1. Promote Tax Exemption Program, reminding citizens of its advantages through website communication.


  1. Continue to receive updates from Chamber, Economic Development, Planning Commission, Main Street, Armory, Library, Citizen Advisory Committee, Arts Organizations, Incubator, etc.


  1. Continue marketing of Town-owned properties, especially the 13 acres of Industrial Park and Clifton Forge High School.


  1. Market and promote the Town online through websites and social media.


  1. Roxbury Project: support efforts by Town Manager and all involved.


  1. Continue to work with Amtrak to move their facility to Heritage Center.


  1. Continue improvements of sidewalks and paving streets.


  1. Continue to encourage Town clean-up by working through the Corridor Curb Appeal Committee, Beyond the Corridor initiatives that will benefit the Town such as new restaurants and a hotel project.


  1. Complete improvements on dam project.
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