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Commissions and Boards


The board shall review, evaluate, and act upon applications for certificates of appropriateness within the Historic Commercial Area Overlay District (H-1), pursuant to the procedures set forth in article 9, division 4 [of this appendix]. These evaluations and actions include:


To pass upon the appropriateness of exterior architectural features of buildings and structures, including signs and other exterior fixtures, hereafter constructed, reconstructed, altered, or restored in the Historic Commercial Area Overlay District (H-1); and


To pass upon any requests for certificates of occupancy that may be referred to the board and any requests for approval to raze, demolish, or move historic landmarks, buildings, or structures within the Historic Commercial Area Overlay District (H-1).


David Oeltjen – Term: 03/08/22-02/28/26 – (540) 218-4060
Sandra McHenry – Term:  09/13/22-09/30/26 – sandramchenry@hotmail.com
Amy Rice Dew – Term:  08/31/20-07/31/24 – (540) 968-3699
Gayle McIntosh – Term:  08/01/23-07/31/27 – gjmacmc@aol.com
Wilma McClung – Term:  09/01/21-08/31/25 – imthewill@aol.com


The Board of Zoning Appeals is responsible for hearing appeals by persons aggrieved by any decision of the Zoning Administrator.


Richard Deaton – Term:  04/13/23-03/31/26 – dickdeaton@ntelos.net
S. Miller Brantley – Term:  04/13/21-03/30/26 – s.miller.brantley@gmail.com

*There are three vacancies on this board*


Powers and duties.


Generally. The commission shall have the following powers and duties, in addition to those prescribed elsewhere in this Code and by state law, including those set out in Code of Virginia, § 15.2-2221, as amended:


Subdivision regulations. The commission shall make a study of the subdivision regulations of the town, as set forth in appendix A of this Code, and other town ordinances and state statutes of similar purpose and design, to assure the orderly subdivision of lands and their development within the town. From time to time, the commission shall prepare and recommend to the town council amendments to the subdivision regulations deemed essential to equitable and harmonious ordinances or in preservation of the town’s comprehensive plan and amendments thereof.


Promotion of comprehensive plan. The commission shall promote public interest in and understanding of the town’s comprehensive plan and, to that end, may publish and distribute copies of the comprehensive plan or of any report and employ other means of publicity and education as it may determine.


Capital improvement program. The commission may, and at the direction of the town council shall, prepare and revise annually a capital improvement program based on the town’s comprehensive plan for a period not to exceed the ensuing five years. The commission shall submit the program annually to the town council or to the chief official charged with the preparation of the budget for the town. The capital improvement program shall include the commission’s recommendations and estimates of cost of the facilities and life cycle costs and the means of financing them.


Historical landmarks. The commission may control, preserve, and care for all historical landmarks now owned or hereafter acquired by the town; control the design and location of statuary and other works of art which are or become the property of the town; and provide for the removal, relocation, and alteration of any such works belonging to the town. Where appropriate by the delineated powers and duties of division 2 of this article entitled “board of architectural review,” and the regulations of the Historic Commercial Area Overlay District (H-1), such control, preservation, and care by the commission for historical landmarks owned by the town shall not infringe on the duties and powers of the board of architectural review as set out in this appendix.


Public structures and improvements. The commission shall make recommendations to the town council concerning the following public structures and improvements:


The design of public streets on new, widened, or reconstructed rights-of-way.


The design of new public parks and open spaces, or renovations to existing public parks and open spaces or park facilities.


The design of new public buildings, including site and architectural plans, or exterior renovations to existing public buildings involving additions or other site improvements.


The establishment of design guidelines for public rights-of-way, including lighting fixtures, landscaping, street name and directional signs, benches, and other similar appurtenances.


Comprehensive plan.


The commission shall prepare and recommend a comprehensive plan for the physical development of the town in accordance with the requirements of Code of Virginia, § 15.2-2223, as amended.


In the preparation of a comprehensive plan, the commission shall conduct such surveys and studies as are required by Code of Virginia, § 15.2-2224, as amended.


The commission shall recommend to the town council the adoption of or the amendment of the comprehensive plan, or parts thereof, in conformance with the procedural requirements set out in Code of Virginia, § 15.2-2225, as amended.


Whenever the commission recommends a comprehensive plan, or part thereof, and such plan has been approved and adopted by the town council, it shall control the general or approximate location, character, and extent of each feature, including any road improvement and any transportation improvement, shown on the plan according to Code of Virginia, § 15.2-2232, as amended.


Zoning ordinance and map amendments.


The commission may initiate, by motion, an amendment to this appendix, including any provision of this appendix or the official zoning map, pursuant to the procedures set forth in sections 9-50 and 9-51 [of this appendix].


The commission shall review, evaluate, report, and make recommendations to the town council regarding any proposed amendment of any regulation or district boundary provided by this appendix, pursuant to the procedures of sections 9-50 and 9-51 [of this appendix].


Conditional use permits. The commission shall review, evaluate, report, and make recommendations to the town council regarding any application for a conditional use permit, pursuant to the procedures set forth in article 9, division 6 [of this appendix].


Right of entry. The commission, its members, officers, and employees, in the performance of their functions, may enter upon any land in the town and make examinations and surveys and place and maintain necessary monuments and markers thereon.

State Law reference— Powers and duties, Code of Virginia, § 15.2-2221.


Michael Foster – Term:  01/10/23-01/31/27 – mfosterhoo@gmail.com
Dennis McHenry – Term:  08/01/22-07/31/26 – dmacmchenry@gmail.com
David Oeltjen – Term:  07/13/21-06/30/25 – (620) 218-4060
Holly Mestemacher – Term:  01/10/23-01/31/27 – (304) 320-4252
Jo Ann Carter Henson – Term:  05/14/24-08/31/27 – theredlanterninn@gmail.com
Filling unexpired term of Ione Callender
Pamela Irvine – Term:  04/30/21-03/31/25


The Economic Development Authority provides economic development financial assistance to communities so they can encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in a way that works for them.


Brandon S. Caldwell – October 3, 2020-January 1, 2025 – (540) 520-4415
Glenn Perry – September 1, 2021-January 1, 2025 – (540) 969-6573
Ronald Goings – January 1, 2025-December 31, 2025 – (540) 958-0597
Roy Wright – January 1, 2025-December 31, 2026 – (540) 968-1370
Jennifer Oeltjen – January 1, 2025-December 31, 2027 – (620) 218-8211
Richard Deaton – January 1, 2025-December 31, 2027 – (917) 453-3305
Vacant Position


The terms listed above are the adjusted terms approved by Clifton Forge Town Council.  All members are currently serving on the Economic Development Authority Board of Directors.


The Clifton Forge Public Library Board advises the Council and the Town Manager on all matters pertaining to the town library.

Joleen Feazell – (540) 968-3541
Brenda Siple – (540) 863-4406
Brenda Bartocci – (540) 862-3110
C. Thomas McHenry – (540) 862-1440
Adam Kenny – (540) 862-7818
Debbie Umstead – (540) 958-6059
Teresa Johnson – (540) 862-0411

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